In memory of Marie, beloved daughter, friend and best riding buddy. Sorry for the long time since I updated my page! But it is because my daughter and I Had a terrible accident on a trip in Finland July 8 2015. We were hit by a car who started overtaking a big truck without seing us coming from the opposite direction, meeting that truck. I was hit on my left side and Marie head on and she died instantly while I was severely wounded. Broken neck, head and facial wounds, multiple fraktures in arm, hand, leg and foot. All left side. My rehabilitation has been painstakingly long and tough. But now, almost two years later, I can start riding again. Both our bikes were totally wrecked in the crash. My new bike is an 2017 Street Glide Special and I’ve just started to carefully learn to ride again. Bernt © Bernt G Carlsson 2015